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The Door Store allows you to pick from a series of components to design your own shelving systems.

When deciding on shelving, you have four options:

1. custom made free-standing shelving units
2. custom made free standing dowel units
3. wall mounted shelving
4. floor-to-ceiling poles & shelving

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custom bookcase
1. A good option for free-standing shelving are our made-to-order shelving units. We have a variety of boards in different sizes that can be cut and fastened together to make many different types of bookcases, cd/dvd holders & cabinets. Prices vary, please have dimensions with you and one of our experienced staff members will help you design your perfect shelf unit.

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dowel unit
2. If you are looking for shelving and desire a more open style, our dowel units may be your solution. Instead of shelving for the sides, we implement 1 1/8" square solid wood dowels. The dowels come in many different lengths, making a variety of options possible.

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3. If you are looking for wall mounted shelving, we carry our own wood standards and brackets as well as the Rakks line of shelving supports. The standards and brackets can be combined to make an unlimited amount of configurations.

Wood standards and brackets

Rakks® style

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floor-to-ceilng poles

4. For those who are seeking the open look of wall-mounted shelving, but don't want to drill holes in the wall, you may opt for Rakks Floor-To-Ceiling poles. Because they go from floor to ceiling, these poles are great for people that need more shelving than a normal 7' tall bookcase can acommodate. There are many options available, whether you want a small setup, or an entire room filled with cabinets and poles, the FTC poles will surely fulfill all of your shelving needs.