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The Door Store allows you to pick from our series of components to design your own desk.

Designing a desk involves four choices:

1. the size/configuration
2. the material
3. a way of supporting your desk
4. any accessories

1. The first thing you should do is measure your space and decide how big you want your desk to be. There are three general configurations:
      a simple rectangle
      a desk with a return
      a corner piece with wings

2. Next, choose a material:
      wood veneer: cherry, oak, maple, walnut
      formica: white or black
      butcher block: 1-1/4" maple or oak, counter maple
      solid, face-grain: cherry, oak, maple

3. After choosing a size, configuration and material you are ready to support your desk with:
      legs: wooden, metal
      file cabinets: wooden, metal

4. Finally, you can add accessories like:
      keyboard trays: wooden, ergonomic
      pencil drawers: plastic, wooden

You might ask, “How do I price this?” Right now, you can call us at 617-547-8937 and we can help you price your order. Online ordering is not available.